• To provide a platform for research and training incorporating all fields of Pathology with diagnosis and investigative process of disease as its theme acting as a regional referral center) 
  • To spearhead and bring niche research areas based on the theme to a much higher level in line with the university’s aspirations)
  • To create, increase awareness and educate the public on the processes, interpretation, diagnosis and management of diseases based on scientific knowledge
  • To undertake research, development and innovation in the field of diagnosis and investigative process of disease utilizing the concepts of molecule to man)
  • To offer postgraduate and training courses in all fields of Pathology)
  • To provide clinical and consultative services in all fields of Pathology to professional bodies, government and non- governmental agencies)
  • To help realize the government’s aspiration to have more trained pathologists, Forensic Pathologists and scientists to help in criminal case investigations

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