Objectives, Vision and Mission


  1. To provide a platform for research and training incorporating all fields of Pathology with diagnosis and investigative process of disease as its theme acting as a regional referral center)
  2. To spearhead and bring niche research areas based on the theme to a much higher level in line with the university’s aspirations)
  3. To create, increase awareness and educate the public on the processes, interpretation, diagnosis and management of diseases based on scientific knowledge
  4. To undertake research, development and innovation in the field of diagnosis and investigative process of disease utilizing the concepts of molecule to man)
  5. To offer postgraduate and training courses in all fields of Pathology)
  6. To provide clinical and consultative services in all fields of Pathology to professional bodies, government and non- governmental agencies)
  7. To help realize the government’s aspiration to have more trained pathologists, Forensic Pathologists and scientists to help in criminal case investigations

To be a prestigious global Centre of Excellence in Atherosclerosis and Study of Diseases in promoting health and disease prevention, based on high moral values, professional ethics and maximising talent potentials

To enhance knowledge advancement and transfer in areas of Atherosclerosis and Study of Diseases, through cutting-edge research, innovation, service, and consultation; focussing on nurturing talent excellence and leadership; and targeting community empowerment in promoting disease prevention, health and well-being at national and international level


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Institute of Pathology, Laboratory and Forensic Medicine (I-PPerForM)
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